Accounts in Animus Heart

Animus Home provides a home automation solution that is built from the ground up with privacy and local stability in mind. That's why Animus Heart can be used locally and offline, without any connection to the Internet. To also allow a safe and local isolation, Animus Heart saves your data directly on your hardware.  

A completely offline Heart means some functionality like Remote Access, GoogleHome support etc. won't work since they need to communicate to a cloud-server.

If you want the best of both worlds, then we have made it possible to get all the cloud-important features and connections but also maintaining the private and local communication between the devices in your home.

On first-time installation you must have internet connection to get the latest firmware to your Animus Heart and register your account. Once this is done Animus Heart will automatically save a session on your local Animus Heart and switch between local login or cloud-login depending if you are in your home network or outside. 

The same login is used to log in on your page at  

Forced local account

Your local Animus Heart account is set automatically by the system on first installation. The same e-mail is used as the one you registered with in the app and a randomly generated password was then given to the local Animus Heart. To log in you are asked to enter the correct username (e-mail) and password. But since you don't know the password at this stage, you have to press reset password and choose your own password for the local login.  
The local login-view to Animus Heart looks like this:  

Screenshot from an iOS device. 

Animus cloud account

Your cloud account is also used to enter MyPage or the forum ( 
The login view to your Animus Cloud looks like this:  

Screenshot from a Safari browser.