Change e-mail address

When you install your Heart the first time it will create a local account in the Heart with the email adress that you are logged in with in your mobile app. This local account is used as “Admin” of the Heart and all PIN-codes are sent to this email. Read more about the local and cloud account on Animus Home here.


Steps to change local e-mail adress

It’s recommended to use a Desktop Browser when performing these steps. It’s possible through a mobile browser as well but you get an better overview.

1. Open the Animus Home app and find the local IP address of your Heart. Go to Settings->Wi-Fi and copy the IP number.


Press the Wi-Fi button

Copy the IP:


2. Open a web browser in your computer, e.g Google Chrome and type in the IP address you copied in step one.

Type in the IP from Step 1 in the URL field. Log in with your local account. If you don’t know the password of your local account then press the button “Forgot your password?”. An email will be sent to “Admin” of the account.

3. If you don’t know the password of your local account press “Forgot your password?” else continue to the next step. Note! You need to have access to the Admin email which will receive the reset token to be able to change the password! If you don’t have access then you need to factory reset your Heart, see steps here.

4. After a succesfull login you can continue to change the email for the local “Admin” account. Go to Settings->General Settings and scroll down to Account settings.


Press logo and the Settings

Press “General settings” and the “Edit” on email row to typ in a new address.


5. When you have typed in your new email address press save. Now all PIN-codes will be sent to your new email.


Steps to change cloud e-mail address

It’s not possible to change the cloud e-mail address. You need to register a new account and then “Add” the Heart again. This can be done with the Animus Home mobile app.




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