Set up Wi-Fi on Animus Heart

When connecting your Animus Heart to wi-fi, simply follow the steps below or watch our tutorial on YouTube. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Enter your Animus Heart GUI, either through the mobile app or a browser on the computer 
  2. From the GUI enter Settings/Wi-Fi
  3. Click on the "Setup Wi-Fi" button
  4. A setup guide will start, follow the steps on the guide (Find Wi-Fi / Choose Wi-Fi / Enter password / Done)
  5. You're all set, now you can remove the ethernet cable on your Animus Heart! 

Watch the tutorial on YouTube:  

Important note

Your Animus Heart might change IP-address after Wi-Fi is set. If that happens just redo the installation steps that you first did when installing your Animus Heart or check the guide of how to find your IP-address.   


Animus Heart V1 (AHG1) does not support 5GHz frequency, only 2,4GHz. Most routers supports both frequencies.