Find IP

If your Animus Home app (iOS or Android) can't find your Heart automatically then you can add the local IP address of your Heart manually.

Step-by-step guide

Skip the 1st step if you already know the router's IP address

1. Find the default gateway (router) IP address:

    • For Windows: Use the Run dialog (Win + R) and type cmd. Then type the following: ipconfig | findstr "Default Gateway"
    • For MacOS: Open Spotlight (CMD + Spacebar) and type terminal. Then type the following: netstat -nr | grep default
    • For Linux-based OS: Open a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T on Ubuntu flavours). Then type the following: ip route | grep default

2. Type the default gateway IP address into your browser's address bar to log into the router.

3. Look for the DHCP table/leases to show all IP addresses that are assigned along with device names if they are available.

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