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This article explains how to add new devices to Animus Heart or and how to remove an already added device. The  

The initial step of adding a new device is generic, but then later it will depend on what the type of device you are trying to add. Nevertheless, whichever adding. Whichever device you are trying to add, you will be guided throughout the whole adding-process.


  1. Navigate to the Device-page in the Animus Home GUI from a computer or the App

Image RemovedImage Added         Image Added

2. Click on the Add new device button Image Removed


button on the bottom right Image Added
(In the app, the add button is on the top right corner [+])  


The following examples and screenshots show only Desktop UI, but the same process is used for Mobile. In mobile, the add button is on the top right corner (+).  in the mobile app. 


Add new device


To add new Z-Wave devices to the Z-Wave Network with Animus Heart, follow the steps below. 


titleAdd With Web Terminal

Z-Wave devices can also be added through the web terminal. Please follow these instructions instead if you wish to use the terminal.    


There is currently are currently no device support on bluetooth and no way of adding bluetooth devices in bluetooth.

Other devices 

Devices in Wi-Fi have unique guides for every device. The guide depends on the manufacturer of that device and sometimes an account to their service is required to be able to add a the device. Enter the correct guide and follow the steps shown in the GUI.  


  1. After following the generic steps for adding a new device, choose the type of device you wish to add. 
    Image Removed
    Image Added 
    In this view possible guides are (excluding Z-Wave): IP Cameras, IKEA lights and Philips Hue Devices

  2. Follow the guided steps for adding that particular device. 


  1. Enter a device by clicking on it once. 
    Image RemovedImage Added

  2. Enter the device settings by clicking on Edit (gear-icon). (upper right in mobile view and bottom right in desktop view)
    Image RemovedImage Added

  3. Look for the "Remove device" button and press it once.   
    Image RemovedImage Added

  4. Your device will now open a remove device guide. Click Finish if you wish to proceed with the removing.
    Image Removed Image Added

Remove Z-Wave device


5. Start the removing/exclusion process. You will end up in a view where the gateway is put in exclusion mode. The exclusion process lasts 60 seconds and during this time you need to physically put the device in exclusion mode. Usually you have to press a button on the device once or three (3) times quickly. To be sure on how to do this on your device, please read the manual of the device for more details.
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