Add Virtual Devices to Google Home

Virtual devices can be great for various reasons. Unfortunately, they are not recognized as devices by Google Home. Don't close the tab just yet! Since there is a way. 


Add a "virtual 433MHz device" instead.

  1. Go to the Devices page and click on the Add new icon ( + ).
  2. Instead of choosing the Virtual Devices installation guide, choose the 433MHz device group.
  3. Pick any of the installation guides for switches, e.g. NexaOn/Off Switchpress Learn → Next → Finish. 
  4. Now you have a device in Animus Heart that is added as a real device, but there is no real device connected to it. (Mind=Blown) 
  5. Google Home will then snap this device once you integrate Google Assistant with Animus Heart or if already integrated say "Ok Google, sync my devices".   

NOTE: This is only possible with 433MHz devices since they don't support two-way communication. 

The Virtual Device icon will not be shown as default, but you can change the icon in the device settings.