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Animus Home provides a smart home system with the multi-protocol controller, Animus Heart, supporting many different devices from different brands. For technical support go to


 What is Animus Heart?

Animus Heart is a multi-protocol controller developed by the company Animus Home. The controller connects your smart home devices to one system. By having an Animus Heart you can control and automate lighting, sensors, cameras, speakers and more from one interface. The smart products can come from different brands and work on different protocols.

 I want to use Animus Heart, what do I need?

A Wi-Fi network and the Animus Heart controller connected to a power source is required. To make your home smart with Animus Heart, you need to have smart devices that are compatible with Animus Heart.

Note: Wi-Fi network doesn’t mean you need internet connection to your home.

 Do I need to have Animus Heart connected to my Wi-Fi router via LAN-cable?

No. You can have Animus Heart work through Wi-Fi directly. Here is a guide on how to set-up Animus Heart to work through Wi-Fi.

If your Wi-Fi connection is bad it is recommended to connect the Heart controller through LAN instead.

 What is the range of the Animus Home controller?

Since Animus Heart can communicate with different protocols and technologies, it depends on the type of device.

  • Z-Wave supports mesh so that the signal “jumps” from one Z-Wave device to another, extending its range. However, this is only possible with Z-Wave devices that has continuous power source. Direct range from Animus Heart to a single Z-Wave node in free sight is around 35-40m.

  • Wi-Fi devices depend on your Wi-Fi signal.

  • Product range on the 433MHz frequency vary if Animus Heart is receiving or transmitting. For transmitting (e.g. power plugs), the range can go up to 80m in free sight. However, when receiving (e.g. sensors), the device should not be further than 10m from Animus Heart. 433MHz doesn’t support mesh.

Purchase & Delivery

 Where can I buy Animus Heart?

If you don’t find Animus Heart in any electronics store in your country you can always purchase it from the Animus Home online store.

 Can I buy Animus Heart in my country?

Deliveries are made to customers in EU countries.

 How fast can you deliver?

As long as we have Animus Heart in stock, we normally send them the same day. If you choose our express delivery, we will ship with a courier that delivers the day after it has left our warehouse.

 How is the payment handled?

Our online store is hosted on Shopify and the payment is handled by Stripe. The Stripe payment gateway doesn't store any credit card details. Instead, all card numbers are encrypted on disk with AES-256 encryption standard.

App & System

 Can I control my Animus Home smart home through app or desktop?

Animus Home apps are available for Android and iOS devices. You can also access Animus Heart from a web browser and operate it from there. See Desktop View.

 Is it possible for other family members to control my smart home?

Multiple users can access the same Heart, however, no restrictions can be set to users.

 How do I update my Animus Heart?

The Animus Home app will notify you when an update is available and ask if you want to update. You can also manually check for new updates in the app, go to SettingsUpdate.

 What happens when I lose internet connection?

You can still control any local smart products and your Automations will continue to operate even with lost internet connection. However, you need to be at home to control them manually.

Things that stops working are online services that operate online (on cloud), such as voice control. Also, you will not be able to access your Animus Heart when being outside of your home.

 How do I add new devices?

New devices are added through the Devices-page in the Animus Home app or the desktop view. Click on the + icon on this page and choose the device you wish to add. Different devices have different steps, so make sure to follow the steps on the screen carefully.

 I have a Z-Wave device, how do I add it to Animus Heart?

Z-Wave devices are listed in the device-group called “Z-Wave Devices”. From there you can choose to add your device Automatically or a Guided setup. Either way, an inclusion process will start which will require some physical step on the device that you are adding. This often means clicking three times on a push-button.

You can also read about how to add and remove a device from your app in this article.

 Can I develop my own applications with Animus Home API-s?

Yes you can. The Animus Home platform offers an open API. Here is how you get started: Coming soon

You can get help and discuss your solution on the Animus Talk forum.

 I cannot login to my Animus Heart and password reset is not working. What do I do?

Your email can’t be used as a username when logging in locally. Usually users forgets this and tries to log in to their Animus Heart with their email. If you have forgotten the username, send yourself a “Forgot my password”-email and look for your username in the received mail.

Note 1: This does not apply to the cloud-account login.
Note 2: The login-process is being improved to avoid any confusions in the future.

 My Wi-Fi looses connection with the Heart. What is wrong?

There can be many factors of why the Wi-Fi connection is not working properly. There are a few things to check - see list below. When all of these has been checked, make a restart of your Heart by unplugging the power and plugging it back in.

  • Animus Heart Wi-Fi works only on the 2,4GHz band. Make sure your Wi-Fi router don’t try to connect to the 5GHz band.

  • In some cases the Wi-Fi runs on Channel 12-13, and this causes a problem. These channels are blocked so don’t use them. Solution: Change channel.

  • Wi-Fi has different security levels. The lower security called WEP is not allowed. If this is set on your Wi-Fi router, then the Heart won’t connect to it. Solution: Change to a higher security like WPA2.


 Which protocol/s does Animus Heart support natively?

Animus Heart supports Z-Wave Plus with S2 security, Wi-Fi, protocols on the 433MHz frequency. It also supports Bluetooth but is not yet activated in our OS.

 Does Animus Heart support Zigbee devices?

Animus Heart does not support the Zigbee protocol natively. However, the most popular Zigbee devices are supported via our Philips Hue bridge support.

 Is Animus Heart compatible with Philips Hue and IKEA Trådfri?

Animus Heart supports the Philips Hue Bridge. If you have a Hue-bridge, then you can add Philips Hue lights, IKEA Trådfri, Innr lights and Trust lights through the Animus Home app.

 I have an IP camera, is it possible to get this in my Animus Heart?

Animus Heart supports cameras on the RTSP protocol. You can add the video stream and show it on your Animus Home app.

Note: In Automations you can also take camera snapshots and send them to your e-mail.

 I want to know if my smart device is compatible to Animus Heart?

We have created a list of smart devices that we support, click here to see the list. There are devices not in the list that actually are supported, often they are cameras, Z-Wave or 433MHz devices.

 Could you please integrate this smart product, I didn’t find it in the list over devices you support?

We want to integrate as many smart home products as possible. Please suggest which devices you wish us to integrate here.


 What is Automations?

Animus Home provides a powerful tool where you can easily automate your smart home. It follows 3 simple steps:

WHEN: This is where you set the trigger. For example a specific time during the day or a specific event from a smart device.
AND: This is where you add conditions that has to be met for the automation to work. For example, it has to be a Saturday or Sunday.
THEN: This is where all the actions happens. For example, turn ON all evening lights.

To read the full article covering Automations, click here.

 Is it possible to set a timer?

Yes. When you add the action you want in your automation, you can also choose a timer for how long it should last.

 Is it possible to turn my lights on based on a schedule?

Yes. It is possible to schedule events in Automations. When you set a trigger, you can decide to trigger on a certain day, a specific time and also repeat the trigger.

 Can I send notifications to my phone or e-mail with Automations?

Yes. With Automations, you can send push notifications to your phone or e-mail messages to any e-mail address. E-mail messages can also be tagged with variables like sensor data or camera snapshots.

 Can I turn my lights on at sunset?

Yes. It’s possible to automate your lights to turn on every sunset. When you enter your WHEN-trigger you can choose Sunset/Sunrise. Sunset-time will automatically adapt depending on day of the year and your location.

 Is it possible to script automations?

No, at the moment it is not possible.

Voice Control

 Is Animus Heart compatible with Apple Home, Google Home and Amazon Echo?

Yes. Animus Heart works with all three platforms.

 What happens to my voice assistant when I lose internet connection?

Your voice assistant will not work together with Animus Heart without internet connection. Your Animus Heart on the other hand continues to handle your other smart home devices even without internet connection.

 Why should I connect Animus Heart with a voice assistant?

It’s not a must. However, it may enhance your smart home experience. Our integrations with the leading voice assistances lets you control devices on Z-Wave and 433MHz with voice.

 How do I add Google Assistant in my Animus Heart?

When you add a new device in your Animus Home app, choose Google Assistant. Then follow the guide there.

You can also see this tutorial.

 How do I add Apple HomeKit?

When you add a new device in your Animus Home app, choose HomeKit. Then follow the guide there.

You can also see this tutorial.

Remote Access

 Is it possible to control my Animus Home system when I’m not at home?

Yes. As long as you have internet access on your smartphone and home.

Note, remote access also needs to be enabled manually in your Animus Home app before this can be possible. Here is a link on how to enable remote access.

 Is Remote Access safe?

Yes. When enabling remote access on Animus Heart, you are linking your Animus cloud account with your local Animus Heart. This means that when you log in with your web account outside of your home, the Animus Web Portal points you to your home and creates a direct tunnel with you and your local Animus Heart only. It’s like being there without being there. Learn more here.

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