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titleWhat is Automations?

Animus Home provides a powerful tool where you can easily automate your smart home. It follows 3 simple steps:

WHEN: This is where you set the trigger. For example a specific time during the day or a specific event from a smart device.
AND: This is where you add conditions that has to be met for the automation to work. For example, it has to be a Saturday or Sunday.
THEN: This is where all the actions happens. For example, turn ON all evening lights.

To read the full article covering Automations, click here.

titleIs it possible to set a timer?

Yes. When you add the action you want in your automation, you can also choose a timer for how long it should last.

titleIs it possible to turn my lights on based on a schedule?

Yes. It is possible to schedule events in Automations. When you set a trigger, you can decide to trigger on a certain day, a specific time and also repeat the trigger.

titleCan I automate events on the presence of family members?

Yes. You can trigger scenes or other events on the presence of members in a home.

How it works: The Presence function works with Wi-Fi, not GPS. Meaning, when your phone is on the same network as your Animus Heart it will see you as “at home”.
Important! Members need to have a phone connected to them. Otherwise the Presence-function won’t work. Enter the Members page from SettingsMembers.

titleCan I send notifications to my phone or e-mail with Automations?

Yes. With Automations, you can send push notifications to your phone or e-mail messages to any e-mail address. E-mail messages can also be tagged with variables like sensor data or camera snapshots.

titleCan I turn my lights on at sunset?

Yes. It’s possible to automate your lights to turn on every sunset. When you enter your WHEN-trigger you can choose Sunset/Sunrise. Sunset-time will automatically adapt depending on day of the year and your location.

titleIs it possible to script automations?

No, at the moment it is not possible.